An Introduction On Boston Car Accidents

The city of Boston may only be 48 square miles but it is a powerhouse in terms of historical significance, cultural impact, and economic contributions. It attracts a lot of the country’s top students every year thanks to the prestigious universities located here. Many respected companies in the IT, finance, and biotech industries also have their headquarters in the city. Environmental sustainability is also a top priority for the local government. With so many things going for it, the population continues to grow. This creates some challenges including a higher number of cars on the road, frequent traffic jams, and greater risk of collisions. Injured victims can seek the help of a Boston car accident lawyer.

Pertinent MA Car Crash Statistics

desperate man after car crash

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation continuously compiles crash statistics from all over the state including Boston. In 2012, there were more than 100,000 total crashes statewide. Over four thousand of these were serious injuries and 349 resulted in fatalities. These numbers are far from being the highest in the country but that is cold comfort to those whose lives were severely affected by the collisions. They have to deal with the aftermath including long term treatment for injuries and extensive repairs or replacement of the damaged vehicle. Both of these require a great deal of time, patience and money.

Medical treatments can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Some cases even require six-digit figures because of the nature of the injuries sustained. Victims seldom have the funds to pay for all these, especially the students. Nor should they have to. The person who caused the accident should be held accountable for his actions and made to pay for damages. This should include lost income to due to hospitalization and diminished capacity, as well as other entitlements under the law. A civil suit can be filled to get the compensation that the victim deserves.

The Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit

Health is the top priority for those who are seriously injured. This is understandable given the circumstances. However, the victim and the family must be aware that there is a deadline for filing the lawsuit in court. They must comply with the statute of limitations which provides them three years since the date of the accident. This is fairly generous as most states forfeit the right to sue after two years. Make sure that the case is filed before the clock runs out or this legal remedy will expire. Do not let technicalities prevent justice from being served.

Get the services of a Boston car accident lawyer at the soonest possible time to get the process started. Case preparation can take a while. The firm will review the details of the case, gather all the evidence that can support the victim’s allegations, talk to the witnesses who can strengthen these claims, and calculate the damages that will be included in the suit. Once filed, the accused will be under pressure to deny the allegations. Sometimes they try to negotiate a settlement. There are also separate deadlines set by the insurance companies regarding claims. Find out what these are to ensure compliance.


MA Insurance Laws

Boston motorists, along with the rest of Massachusetts, have to follow the state laws regarding auto insurance. They must get four different types of coverage and meet the designated minimum limits for each. These include Bodily Injury to Others which stands at $20,000 for each person involved or $40,000 per accident. Another is Damage to Someone Else’s Property with a minimum limit of $5,000. These two are typically required in other states as well under liability coverage. They are part of being a responsible driver as they guarantee that you have ample funds to cover most cases if you accidentally cause an accident.

The other two are quite uncommon. The first is Personal Injury Protection, also known as PIP. While liability insurance covers the other person, this one covers your own medical needs. It is a prudent thing to have since most collisions affect both parties to some degree. Even at-fault drivers can be severely injured because of the crash. The minimum limit for this is $8,000 per person. The second is Bodily Injury Caused by Uninsured Motorist. The limits are $20,000 for each person and $40,000 per incident. This can be claimed is you are the victim and the other driver does not have liability coverage.

Picking a Boston Car Accident Lawyer


Since laws differ in every state, the best lawyer is always someone who has excellent local knowledge. Find a Boston car accident law firm that concentrates on personal injury cases particularly care accidents. They are equipped with the tools that can help you win your own case. Talk to several candidates and ask them about the types of lawsuits that they have handled in the past. Tell them about the details of the incident you were involved in. Is this similar to any of the situations experienced by their previous clients? How was that case resolved? And what happened in court? Don’t hesitate to ask all of your questions in the initial encounter.

The right candidate will not take it against you if you have a lot of queries. This is to be expected and they should be prepared to answer each one to the best of their abilities. Their eagerness to answer and guide you in legal matters is a good sign that it is going to be a good partnership. All court cases are stressful so you want to have a lawyer that can minimize the stress for you. They should simplify complex jargon so that you can understand what’s going on and make an informed decision at every turn. You should be constantly updated regarding the progress of the case, good and bad. Ask friends for recommendations and check the background of each candidate.