The Real Justice

What Is “Real Justice?”

As more people are questioning the current laws in place and the ordeals that the average person deals with, you may be thinking now about what real justice really is. You may be wondering, “Is my case really fair and just?”


Many people think that the answer is “no.”


That leaves many people asking whether our legal system is really fair and what they can do about it. That’s why The Real Justice is asking questions about the legal system and what we can do to make changes in the systems that govern us across the US.


The Criminal Code

One of the biggest concerns we’re facing today is the criminal justice system. If you’ve checked out the news, you may have already heard stories critiquing the criminal justice system. Whether it’s police brutality, corruption, unfair imprisonment, or unfair releases, you may be concerned about yourself and your families now.


For example, many people now are afraid of routine traffic stops. News outlets have played footage of physical attacks that leave many people upset and questioning the fairness of the system.


If you or your family is concerned about a criminal case, check out our notes on the laws and actions taking place in many states.


Suing the Government


We’re also concerned about the trouble many people have when suing government agencies. There’s a chance that a government employee was responsible for your current trouble, but you may be having trouble acting.


Many state governments have sovereign immunity, which means that state workers may not be responsible for your injuries or suffering. Instead, they may limit or take away your chance to act.


If you’re not able to do something, you could lose everything because of a government employee. That’s not fair, and it takes power away from the people. When government officials are allowed to act as they please, you may find yourself struggling to recover from the situation.


Fair Tax Penalties


We also bring attention to the tax code and how a mistake can affect your finances. For example, if you don’t file your taxes on time, you could be facing severe penalties for your actions. Those penalties could build up interest that makes it even tougher to recover.


These penalties can leave you struggling for a small mistake. Then, you may find it difficult or impossible to recover from your situation. These fines and consequences can keep you trapped in debt. Is that fair to the average citizen?


We don’t think so. That’s why we focus on educating the public, so you know what penalties you could face and so that you know there are other people seeking answers and justice.


What You Need to Know About Real Justice


One of the first steps to solving injustice in law is understanding what exactly is wrong. If you’re not familiar with the laws that could hurt you, you may have a harder time fighting for real justice. That’s why we focus on the legal issues real people face through a critical lens. We want to know whether the system is really working for its people.


If you’re questioning the legal system’s response to your case, take a look at our site and how we can help. The above are just a few ways we want to shed light on what real justice is and what you need to know as a citizen.