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Navigating Alabama’s Strict Accident Laws

If you’re involved in a car accident, chances are good that you’ll at least need funds for your car repairs. You’ll likely need coverage for much more, too, like your emotional trauma, your injuries, and your time away from work.

That’s tough for Alabama residents. Your state has especially tough laws, making it tough to get the funds you need to recover. That means that many Alabama residents have suffered through serious wrecks without the compensation they need to overcome their losses.

That doesn’t sound like real justice to me. Alabama’s laws are especially strict, and that could mean major losses and expenses for you. Make sure you know what’s fair and just before you file in Alabama, so you know how to get the justice you deserve.

Alabama Negligence Laws

First, when you’re injured, make sure you know what Alabama’s laws on accidents and fault are before you file your claim. Your compensation could depend on whether you were at all at fault, so make sure you understand the stakes first.

Alabama, like many other states, is a “fault state.” That means that someone was at fault, so that person should also be responsible for paying for your injuries.

Alabama also has one rarer law that could cause you trouble, even if you’re confident that you weren’t responsible for the accident. Alabama drivers will have to deal with pure contributory fault laws, which means, if you were in any way responsible for the car crash, you could lose all your compensation.

Getting a Fair Settlement Can Feel Impossible

Sadly, that law means that many Alabama families have struggled with and lost their compensation. A car accident lawyer in Alabama can help, but is it truly justice that so many people lose their chance to recover from their injuries?

Alabama is one of only four states to keep this law. That’s because most states have realized that this law doesn’t help anyone. While the other party doesn’t have to pay for your losses, they may also have no opportunity to get compensation for their own losses. That leaves everyone injured and without options for a full recovery.

Making Changes to Alabama Law

If you’re injured by another driver in Alabama, you may be concerned about getting the full compensation you deserve. Worse, you may have already lost the compensation you needed to recover from your car crash. Sadly, that’s the case for many Alabama residents.

That’s why we’re focused on changing these laws that hurt this state’s victims of auto wrecks. You need help and funds to recover from an accident, and it’s not fair to prevent people from getting the help they need to recover.

Now, we’re asking you to help us shed light on these major issues. The people putting their lives back together after a major car crash need help, so we’re focused on changing the laws and helping people like you get real justice by fighting for changes to state law.

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