The Real Justice

Are Tax Laws Really Fair?

Most of us know that taxes are just part of life. The money goes to infrastructure, schools, and other services we need, which means taxes are taken pretty seriously. 

Ultimately, that means that the IRS is watching, and that they could pursue you if you don’t pay your taxes. Getting into debt is already tough enough, though. Is it really justice to seek out taxes from people with harsher penalties? 

We’re taking a look at what can happen when you fail to pay your taxes, as well as how to get justice for yourself when something goes wrong. 

Racking Up Debt

The reasons people don’t pay their taxes varies. You might find yourself unable to pay, for example, because you simply don’t have the money. In other cases, you may have simply gotten behind, only to struggle when those debts have piled up so high that you’ll need a tax lawyer to help you. 

Unfortunately, the government is aggressive about this debt. You might find yourself deeper than ever in debt, even when you’re trying to pay it back. That leaves many people struggling with overwhelming debt, which often just doesn’t feel fair. 

Liens and Levies Can Hurt You

Dealing with tax debt isn’t just tough because the government wants their money and they can and will take action to get that money. This means you could face tax penalties, liens, and levies against you if you don’t pay. Now, you’ll need to know what these mean, too. 

Those penalties, for example, can add up as interest on the debts you already had. These penalties can get out of control, even surpassing the initial due amount. You might also face a lien, which is interest over all other creditors. Essentially, this is a claim on your personal property

If you still don’t pay, they may place a levy. That means the property they placed a lien on can be taken as payment for your debt. That could include money in your bank account, wages, and property like cars or homes. If you don’t seek out help now, you might face these harsh penalties and struggle for some time to recover. 

Getting Justice After a Tax Issue

When you’re dealing with tax laws, it often doesn’t feel fair. You’re facing harsh tax penalties that won’t just affect your taxes. It can also affect your property, income, and future. Often, that doesn’t feel like justice. 

However, knowing this can help you get the justice you need. If you have tax debt, you’ll have a chance to act now, before that debt becomes unmanageable. If you or a loved one may be facing tax penalties, seeking out help now can help them get fair treatment for their situation. 

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