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Getting Real Justice for Children in Car Accidents

When you’re hurt in a car accident, it’s already a major ordeal. It can affect your health and future in major ways, impacting your ability to function. Getting justice for yourself isn’t as complicated, though, as it may be for children. You can take your claim to court against the at-fault party and seek compensation. Children can’t just do this.

If your child was injured, ensuring that they’re getting real justice for their losses can be tough. Check out the following ways insurance companies and the at-fault party may try just to avoid giving children real justice. 

Children Don’t Get to Sue on Their Own 

When your child is injured, the first problem may be that they’re too young to sue for their losses. They’re hurt, but if they’re under eighteen, they’re not old enough to sue on their own. 

While your child does have options to get around these restrictions, it’s important to remember you can’t handle their claim the same way you’d handle an adult’s. They’ll need a guardian to act on their behalf in most cases. That means you may need a Rockford car accident lawyer to act now on your child’s claim. 

Your child can also simply wait until they’re eighteen to act on their claim. Their time limits don’t start until they’re eighteen, though in many cases, it’s best to act now and seek compensation while the evidence is fresh. 

Making Sure Your Child Is Compensated 

After your child is hurt in a car accident, you need to make sure your child is compensated fairly for their losses. These losses can also be difficult to calculate because the losses a child may suffer are different from an adult. 

For example, their financial losses may not include lost wages, since they may not be old enough to work. Car accidents injure or kill many children a year, though, and an impact could cause severe, life-threatening injuries and permanent disability.

Your child could also suffer emotional trauma because of the accident. This trauma could last for years or a lifetime after the car accident, impacting their mental health. But, that doesn’t mean the insurance company is willing to help. Because of this, you may need to talk to your attorney about protecting your child with a lawsuit. 

Getting Justice for Injured Children 

When your child is injured, it’s not easy to get the compensation they need for financial recovery. They’re just children, so they can’t do much to protect their own futures. That means you have to take extra steps to help them recover from their losses. 

If you’re a parent and you’re worried about your child, getting a car accident lawyer may be your best chance to get your child the real justice they deserve. If you’re worried about your child’s case, reach out for help for them, so you can give your child’s trauma and emotional recovery attention when they’re suffering. 

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