Can Slip-and-Falls Cause Permanent Injuries?

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Being involved in a slip-and-fall accident can put you at risk of serious injury and your risk of injury increases even more with every decade of your life. When you were a child, slips-and-falls were common occurrences and your resilience allowed for quick healing, but as you age, you begin to lose muscle elasticity, bone density, and resistance to pain—even a small tumble or ground-level fall could have tremendous effects. It’s a fact that slip-and-fall injuries are the number one cause of emergency room visits for people aged over sixty-five. Slip-and-fall injuries even result in fifteen thousand deaths each year.

You might be wondering why slip-and-fall injuries are so dangerous. The truth is, when an object falls from a certain height and strikes the ground, a lot of damage is done by the force that is exerted on the object, and the higher it falls from, the more force impact there is.

The same principle also pertains to the human body. Ultimately, when you fall on your spine, neck, head, and other fragile parts of your body from a height of at least four feet, there is a lot of impact force when you hit the ground. The impact can be so significant that it can lead to pulled muscles, stretched tendons, fractured collarbones, broken or sprained wrists or ankles, major knee injuries, head and brain trauma, bruised or chipped tailbone, and spinal cord injuries. Slip-and-fall injuries most certainly can cause permanent damage.

If you slip and fall in a business, then the business is liable for your injuries. Certain questions will arise: Was the floor wet? Were the stairs uneven? Was there precipitation accumulating in the foyer? Did a staff member forget to mop up a spill? Irrespective of the reason, if you experience a slip-and-fall injury, you should book a consultation with an attorney the first chance you get.

Slip-and-fall injuries, like any other personal injury, can lead to costly medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses such as painkillers, bone setting, loss of wages, and so on. Ultimately, it tends to have lasting effects on your finances and your quality of life.

The good news is that an attorney can help you recover your losses. No one asks to be involved in a personal injury and no one deserves to suffer the consequences of the financial disaster that it can bring about. Both you and your family deserve the security of knowing that your bills are going to be taken care of; the best way to ensure this is to bring a lawsuit against the at-fault person or business.

While you may be tempted to represent yourself in a personal injury lawsuit, according to statistics, people who have hired personal injury lawyers to represent them in their cases have received significantly higher settlement amounts than those who chose to represent themselves. By having an experienced, skilled and qualified Boston injury attorney, you are ensuring that you get the best possible chance at receiving compensation for your injuries.

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