Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer for YOU

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Divorce can be depressing and stressful, making the experience even more harrowing is the fact that you are expected to make the right decisions relating to kids (if any), alimony, divorce lawyer, etc. If you choose the right divorce attorney, you could offload all these legal responsibilities to them and unburden yourself significantly. However, finding the right divorce lawyer for you is not that straightforward. The following tips shall help.

Be Realistic

Divorce lawyers exist to get you through the legal process as quickly and as smoothly as possible, but remember, they aren’t your punching bags. They are not hired to put up with your stories of frustration, anger, sadness, and pain. Though lawyers can listen to the emotional side of things, do not expect them to be your life coach or therapist.

Remain Focused

Stay focused on the more important things relating to your divorce; don’t spend too much thought and energy on material things that will not mean much in the long run. If you waste time on trivial things, your divorce would be more litigious, expensive, and more drawn out. The focus should always be on getting divorced.

Know Your Requirements

If there are no kids from the marriage or finances to deal with, consider hiring a mediator to negotiate things. Mediation is a quick and inexpensive way to get a divorce, and sometimes without the services of a lawyer. If there are complications in the divorce terms, you would then need a lawyer or law firm, such as Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C., to work on your case.

Meet with Different Lawyers

Do not hire the first attorney you meet; give yourself options before the interviewing process. Make sure you hire a lawyer who has a family law background—both in terms of skill and experience. The ideal lawyer has the legal experience and knowledge you require, negotiates and communicates well, assists you with understanding the process, solves issues creatively, and has enough court system experience.

Look into Red Flags

Unfortunately, some attorneys might tell you what you want to hear so that they can close the deal quickly. Remember, the justice system doesn’t guarantee anything, and if your lawyer is promising you a specific outcome, he or she is either lying or being completely ignorant. Some other signs the divorce lawyer isn’t the right fit for you would be if they divulge case details of past clients or talk disrespectfully about other attorneys. If during consultation, the lawyer gets constantly distracted by emails and phone calls and cannot completely focus on you, they would likely not be totally focused on your case if you choose to work with them.

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