Is Lyft Liable for My Lawsuit?

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The devastation of being injured in a motor vehicle wreck is never easy, but it can become even more complicated when you were traveling in a Lyft or were struck by a Lyft driver. There is no reason why you should be compelled to cover the costs associated with your injuries when you weren’t responsible for causing the accident.

For this reason, you may be able to pursue a claim against Lyft for the damages you endured as a result of the crash you were involved in. The details of such a claim can be quite complicated, which is why it may be in your best interest to reach out to an experienced attorney for assistance in pursuing your case.

Continue reading to learn more about when Lyft will be liable for your damages, when you’ll need to pursue a case against the Lyft driver, and the damages you’ll be able to seek in your claim.

When Lyft Will Cover Damages

Lyft carries auto insurance coverage that extends to the passengers that travel in a Lyft and anyone who is injured in a crash with a Lyft driver.

However, Lyft is only prepared to cover damages under very specific circumstances including when the Lyft driver is waiting for a fare, transporting a passenger, and has just dropped off a passenger. The Lyft driver will still need to be logged into the Lyft app and on the clock at the time of the accident.

It’s important to note that although Lyft’s auto insurance coverage does extend to passengers and injury victims, the rideshare service explicitly states that it does not provide coverage to their Lyft drivers.

Filing a Claim Against Your Lyft Driver

When Lyft will not assume responsibility for your damages, your lawyer may elect to pursue a claim against the driver of the Lyft. In this case, you’ll need to file a claim with the Lyft driver’s insurance company in order to recover certain damages.

It’s worth noting that the insurer will probably try to negate your claim as they are a for-profit industry and will lose money every time they settle on a claim. Any losses that you are unable to recoup through the insurance company will need to be brought to civil court.

Receiving What You Deserve

When you settle your claim with the insurance company, you’ll likely be able to recover your medical expenses, property damages, and any wages you lost as a result of your injuries—up to the limits of the Lyft driver’s auto insurance policy. The remaining costs can be recovered through your car crash lawsuit.

Within this lawsuit, you will also be able to gain compensation for your pain and suffering, the impact of scarring or disfigurement, mental anguish, the loss of consortium and enjoyment of life, inconvenience, and the loss of household services.

When you want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your civil claim, working with a highly trained Lyft lawyer can significantly increase the likelihood of an award that reflects what you’ve been through.

Reach Out to a Richmond Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re ready to pick up the pieces of your life following the Lyft crash you were involved in, you can get in touch with a regarded car accident attorney in Richmond for assistance.

Your lawyer will be responsible for building a powerful case against whoever is found to be liable for you damages, as well as calculating the value of your claim to ensure that you achieve maximum compensation for your suffering. This way, you can focus on recuperating from your injuries without the burdens of money troubles.

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