Reasons to Have Your Lawyer Negotiate with Your Auto Insurer

Collisions are often just the beginning of the troubles. The aftermath is what’s truly difficult to deal with. Injuries will take time to heal. Medical costs and vehicle repair will take a lot of money. Laws are set up to protect you from such financial shocks but sometimes things don’t work out as they should. You may have a hard time negotiating with the insurance company. If you experience difficulties, then hire a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis. Below are some of the reasons to have your lawyer negotiate with your auto insurer:

A Lawyer Will Weigh All the Right Things During the Negotiations.

If you are not familiar with how insurance works, then you may say things during the negotiations that will actually hurt your case. Insurers may even trick you into doing so by posing confusing questions. After all, they are the experts in this field. They know how clients are likely to react during an inquiry. They also know the intricacies of the law. If you commit a mistake, then they will pounce on it to reduce their payout. Lawyers are aware of all their strategies. They won’t fall into the usual traps.

A Lawyer Will Know Just How Much You Really Deserve to Get

Insurers may try to provide a counter offer after you submit a claim. This means that they know you deserve the coverage. However, the counter offer is usually less than what you initially hoped. After all, they would be out of business if they gave their clients everything they want. Lawyers know exactly how this negotiation goes. They will decide on an absolute minimum that should not be breached given the facts of the case. The relevant costs will be summed up to get a solid figure that the lawyer will fight for.  

A Lawyer Will Not be Intimidated by the Insurer’s Tactics

Going into a negotiation can put individuals out of their comfort zone. They may not know what to expect or what’s best for them. If the insurer puts pressure on them, then they might make decisions that they will regret later on. Even those that start out with a firm stand may eventually yield due to the legal challenges and the prolonged wait. Lawyers have already seen all of these. Any maneuvering will not intimidate them. For instance, low offers can be countered by a letter demanding explanation. Whatever their reasons are, these can be disproved through evidence.

A Lawyer Will Always Protect Your Interests

Lawyers will always be there for their clients. They will protect your interests to make sure that you get a reasonable amount for all of your troubles. They will prevent you from making ill-advised decisions. If an agreement is reached with the claims adjuster, then the settlement will be put in writing to guarantee that the important points will be honored. These include the amount agreed upon, the specific settlement coverage, and the date of its release. If your wishes are not met, then the lawyer will go to court with you in a personal injury lawsuit.



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